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This simulator for American roulette lets you spin a virtual wheel to play roulette online. This version of roulette simulates the wheel that has two green pockets, 0 and 00.

The layout for an American roulette playing area looks like this:

When spinning an American roulette wheel, your chances of winning are reduced compared to the original roulette. This is because of the additional 00 pocket which gives more probability bias to the house/casino winning while the returns on winning bets remain the same.

American Roulette Spin Wheel Simulator: Spin Your Way to Virtual Wins

Discover the thrill of American Roulette right from the comfort of your own home with our American Roulette Spin Wheel Simulator. Our simulator replicates the quintessential casino experience, offering an immersive, engaging, and most importantly, a risk-free way to enjoy this classic game. 

How Does the Simulator Work?

Unlike traditional American roulette that uses a ball to determine the winning number and colour, our virtual spin wheel does all the work. Simply click to spin, and the wheel will come to a stop on a specific number and colour combination, just like in real American roulette. It's that easy, and it's a fantastic way to learn the ropes or refine your strategy.

Realistic Odds and Combinations

Our American roulette spin wheel simulator is designed to mimic the exact probabilities and combinations found in a real American Roulette wheel. This includes the 38 pockets—numbers 1 to 36, a zero, and a double zero - all in alternating colours of red and black.

Why Use Our American Roulette Spin Wheel Simulator?

  1. Risk-Free Entertainment: Enjoy the buzz of American roulette without wagering real money. Perfect for casual players and those new to the game.
  2. Strategic Planning: Before heading to a real casino, use our simulator to test various betting strategies and find out what works best for you.
  3. Accessibility: Available 24/7, our online simulator lets you experience American Roulette whenever the mood strikes.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: With simple controls and clear graphics, spinning the wheel is just a click away.
  5. Educational: Great for both beginners and seasoned players, our simulator is an excellent way to understand the odds and payouts involved in American roulette.

Whether you're new to American roulette or a seasoned veteran looking to test new strategies, our American roulette spin wheel simulator offers a realistic, convenient, and risk-free way to engage with this popular casino game. Spin the wheel today and immerse yourself in the exciting world of American roulette.

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