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Do you need a generator to draw names from a hat? You have found what you're looking for. Use this free online name picker tool now to draw names out of a hat at random. No email required!

How to Draw Names from a Hat Online

The process could not be simpler. Just Edit the default names that you see in the virtual hat and replace them with your own name selection. You can even paste these in from a spreadsheet or text file. Just make sure there is one for each line.

When your names are all in the hat, spin the wheel by clicking/tapping on it. After each name has been drawn from the hat, you can opt to manually remove that name from the hat or use the configuration settings to automatically remove the name from the online hat after a couple of seconds.

Benefits of Drawing Names from the Hat

By using this online method to draw names from a hat, you have several advantages:

  • Simplicity: You don't need to find an actual physical hat or have any special knowledge
  • There is no need to cut up lots of pieces of paper (better for the planet)
  • You don't need a printer or a pen/pencil to write names on
  • It can be used any time, anywhere
  • It's completely reusable and free
  • It's randomness ensures fairness and is completely unbiased
  • It is able to be saved in case you need to come back to it midway through
  • The results are recorded and stored in the 'Results' tab
  • Entertainment value: Drawing a name from the hat can be fun
  • No requirement to provide an email address
  • It can easily be shown on a big screen or shared online to verify the fairness of the draw

Mystery Names from a Hat

If you don't want to show the names that are in the virtual online hat, there is an option for doing so. It allows the names on the wheel to be hidden.

All you need to do in order to hide names is:

  1. Click into the 'Edit' section
  2. Click on the Cog (Gear) icon
  3. Choose the 'Wheel Design' tab
  4. Scroll down and enable the 'Mystery Entries' checkbox

When this has been done, you will see that the names on the wheel have been replaced with question marks.

In summary, to draw names from a virtual hat like this is as close as it comes to the real thing and for all of the reasons stated above, it's probably better! It's a fair, budget-friendly way to select someone or something from a group when you need more than a yes or no answer and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Draw Names From a Hat