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These addition spinner wheels allow you to create mathematics addition problems to solve in or out of the classroom. Fully editable and customisable to suit every level, test your knowledge in applying addition with a range of numbers. The 'Spin all' button can be pressed in order to get all wheels to spin at once and create questions.

Can I Edit the Addition Spinner Wheels Online?

Indeed you can. This is an editable web page that permits changing the numbers on the wheels. In order to do this, press 'Edit' on each wheel to change the numbers to be used for adding up.

Better yet, you can also increase or decrease the number of addition wheels by adding or removing them.

Need to keep your changes for later use? Save your own version of the addition spinner wheel by pressing 'Save' to use it again in future.

A list of previous addition sum spins are stored in the 'Results' tab in case you need an audit log.

Addition Spinner