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Using this Grand National sweepstake kit could not be simpler. Enter the names of the people included in the sweepstake in the second wheel (in the "Edit" area, replacing the dummy names).

When all names are in the box (a virtual 'hat'), press the 'Spin all' button and let the first horse allocation begin. Once the wheels have spun and allocated a person to a race runner (horse), after a few seconds both names of the horse and the person will be removed from the wheel. That way they can't be drawn again.

Should you need them (if any horses can not run and need to be replaced) here are the reserves for the 2022 Grand National sweepstake kit:

  1. Commodore (1st reserve)
  2. School Boy Hours (2nd reserve)
  3. Romain de Senam (3rd reserve)
  4. Roi Image (4th reserve)

If there are reserves used, just replace them with the horses that have been taken out.

What's more, all of your results are recorded (in order) in the 'Results' section for each draw. Good luck with your selected horse using this Grand National Sweepstake kit for the 2022 race!

Grand National Sweepstake Generator