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Use the heads or tails game online coin toss simulator to flip two coins at once.

How to play the Heads or Tails game

Heads and tails is one of the simplest and most fun games of all time. It's often played in a classroom or a hall with many people in attendance. Here's how to play heads and tails:

  1. All players stand behind their chairs
  2. At the start of each round, the master of ceremonies asks participants to choose what they think the outcome of the tossing of two coins will be
  3. Each player must place a hand on either their head or backside, representing heads or tails, for each of the guessed coin toss results (e.g. To predict 2 heads, place both hands on your head, to predict a head and a tail, place one hand on your head and the other on your backside) 
  4. Toss the two coins (or in this case, spin the heads and tails game online wheel so that everyone can see it on the big screen) 
  5. Those who correctly guessed the result move on to the next round. Those players who did not guess correctly sit down in their chairs and are eliminated from the game.
  6. The rounds continue until only one person is left standing (the winner).

Why use SpinTheWheel.io for Heads or Tails game?

Reasons to use spinthewheel.io for your heads and tails game:

  • You can show everyone the results instantly on a big screen (use Fullscreen mode)
  • You don't need to find two coins
  • No problems with coins rolling around all over the floor
  • No one can dispute the coin toss results!

Heads or Tails game