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Using this online lottery generator for the 2022 FIFA World Cup couldn't be easier. Follow the instructions here to get started, and people will be assigned to teams for the most important soccer tournament in no time

⚽ How to generate a sweepstakes for the World Cup in Qatar

  1. Under the second wheel, click β€œEdit” and replace the fictitious list with the names of the lottery participants. You can also copy and paste the names of the people who took part in the competition from a spreadsheet or text document on the second wheel if you've already entered them
  2. Press the β€œSpin all” button and start assigning the country for the first time
  3. When both wheels have finished turning, both the country and the selected person are automatically removed from their respective wheels
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all countries and names are assigned

Tip: Save the giveaway so that you can access it again later if needed

The generator instructions above work when exactly 32 people participate in the World Cup lottery.

Fewer (or more) names than the teams in the 2022 World Cup?

There are often more or less people who want to take part in the World Cup lottery. Let's take a look at how to handle these scenarios below.

If there are fewer people to choose from as teams

If you have fewer people to choose from as countries, that's no problem! Let's take an example:

You should have 16 people taking part in the soccer World Cup lottery.

You must do the following:

  1. click β€œEdit” under the second wheel and replace the fictitious list with the names of the lottery participants Add the list of people here twice (so that each person is assigned 2 participating nations) Press β€œSpin All” to assign a person to a country
  2. The selected country and person are automatically removed from the first bike
  3. Repeat step 2 until you're done.

If there are more people than teams

Let's assume 96 people take part in the sweepstake.

To manage it with the lottery generator for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, follow these steps:

click β€œEdit” under the second wheel and replace the fictitious list with the names of the lottery participants. Just spin the first wheel to select the country.

  1. The selected country is automatically removed from the bike.
  2. Just turn the second wheel to select a person you want to assign to that country. The selected person is automatically removed from the bike
  3. Spin the second wheel just twice again. The three selected people share the competing country.
  4. Repeat steps 2-4 until you're done

Have you ruined everything? No problem, just reload the page and start over. It is useful if you have also saved the list of people on the second wheel

All results of the rounds are recorded (in order) in the β€œResults” section of each draw.

πŸ–₯️ 2022 World Cup Lottery Generator Presentation Options

When the soccer World Cup sweepstake draw takes place in the office, you can show it on a big screen where everyone can gather to watch. Click β€œFull Screen” in the top menu to focus only on the wheels.

When you record the drawing online, simply use a screen sharing app and present it to the group. Use full screen again for an immersive experience

πŸ† World Cup Lottery Prizes

To organise a big sweepstake that keeps everyone interested until the last game, it's a good idea to have multiple prizes.

Here are some of the categories you can choose from:

  • World Cup winners β€” (Give them the biggest prize, of course! for example 60% of the total lottery prize pool)
  • The dirtiest team β€” number of yellow and red cards in the tournament. A red card is worth twice as much for every yellow card. Use the number of red cards as a play-off. Split the prize gains if they can't be separated. We suggest allocating 10% of the total prize pool to this category
  • The hardest loss β€” The prize goes to the team that was beaten the least number of times and scored the most goals against other teams. For example, 4:1 beats 3:0. Split the prize if there armore than one β€œwinner” in this category. Suggest allocating 20% of the prize pool
  • Wooden Spoon β€” Select the team with the absolute worst record. Teams that end up with zero points can be separated by the worst goal difference, i.e. the number of goals scored. If the teams are tied, divide the prize by that category. Suggest that 10% of the prize pool be allocated to this game.

Good luck with your chosen country selected to take part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

2022 FIFA World Cup Sweepstake Generator