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The raffle generator can automatically remove winning items from the wheel after each spin to ensure that only 1 ticket can win 1 prize.

To make your own raffle, simply replace the tickets and prizes the in "Edit" list with those of your own raffle. You can even add a second wheel (as we have done here) to decide which prizes are won - and even remove them from the prize pool automatically after they have been won.

It's completely configurable to meet the needs of your raffle. All of the spin results are recorded in the Results tab.

Elevate Your Raffle Experience with Our Dynamic Raffle Generator

Our comprehensive Raffle Generator tool is tailored to offer a seamless and fair way to conduct any raffle, whether for charity, events, or personal gatherings. This tool comes equipped with not one, but two interactive spin wheels, revolutionising the traditional raffle ticket draw.

How to Customise Your Raffle Experience

Our raffle generator is as flexible as it is reliable. You can effortlessly replace the preset tickets and prizes by going to the 'Edit' list. Customise it according to your specific needs, whether you're looking to allocate certain tickets to particular prizes or vice versa. 

Unique Features for a Memorable Raffle

  1. Double-Wheel Mechanism: This innovative feature allows one wheel to select the ticket while the other picks the prize. This adds a layer of excitement and transparency to the event
  2. Automatic Removal of Winning Items: Once a ticket or prize has been chosen, it's automatically removed from the corresponding wheel, ensuring that duplicates are avoided and fairness is maintained
  3. Recorded Results: Keep track of the entire raffle process. All the spin results are meticulously recorded under the 'Results' tab for future reference
  4. Completely Configurable: From small-scale raffles to grand events, the tool can be configured to suit the unique needs of any raffle scenario.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Conducting a raffle has never been easier. With straightforward navigation, your raffle will be up and running in no time.

Experience a new age of raffle events with our dynamic Raffle Generator tool. Built with user-friendliness and fairness in mind, this tool is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to conduct a reliable and exciting raffle. Why not try it out today?

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