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Generating a random number between 1 and 100 is couldn't be easier with our spinner wheel. Just tap on the wheel where it shows the random numbers 1-100 in the middle of the wheel and it will get to work.

It's possible to click the random number generator wheel spinner over and over again. Every result is then shown in the 'Results' tab for ease of reference.

What is a Random Number Generator Wheel?

In essence, it is a collection of numbers placed on a wheel that is used to randomly select one per spin. In this wheel, there are the first 100 numbers (excluding zero) sequentially added to the generator.

This wheel is programmed to return results between 1-100 at random to ensure a fair distribution of results.

Can I Edit the Random Numbers?

Yes, the numbers can be edited. In order to do this, go to the wheel's Edit tab and change the selection of numbers that are entered there. Tip: To make this process faster when you have many numbers to add, put the numbers in a spreadsheet first and then copy & paste them into the Edit box.

Can the Random Number Generator Wheel Give Unique Results?

This is also possible by using the Edit menu functionality. Click on the gear/cog icon and the on "Post-Spin". Under "Winner effects", select the "Auto-remove selected item after 2 seconds" check box.

Once you have applied these settings, you can be sure that any randomly generated numbers will not be able to be selected more than once.

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