Tapos upang umikot ang gulong

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Spin the random animal generator wheel to pick a random animal. Which animal will it be?

Can I Edit the Random Animal Generator Wheel?

The default list of contains 55 different animal emojis. You can easily change the animals on the wheel by using the Edit box to add or remove your own animals. To do that, type the name of the animal in the list. Alternatively, search for a photo of the animal and add it that way.

A New Animal at Random Each Time

If you want to remove an animal from the results after it has been selected, click 'Remove' after the spin. Another way to do this automatically is to set the 'Auto-remove after 3 seconds' setting under the Edit menu > Gear(Cog). Of course, you'll end up with no animals if you keep on spinning this way.

The animals that you can find on the list here include cute ones like the koala, rabbit, squirrel, dolphin and kangaroo ranging through to more scary ones such as the lion, tiger, scorpion and dinosaur. It seems that everyone has an animal that they like the best.

Enjoy spinning the random animal generator wheel whenever you need to pick an animal at random!

Random Animal Generator