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Here you will find a wide range of readymade Truth or Dare questions that will allow you to play the game immediately. It's a centuries-old party game that always gets interesting reactions. The more players, the merrier!

How to Play Truth or Dare

With this game of Truth or Dare, you can play using different approaches.  

There are three wheels, all of which can be spun independently or simultaneously. All of the selections are completely random. 

Here is the way to play classic Truth or Dare:

  1. On the first wheel, overwrite your player names in the 'Edit' box 
  2. Press the first wheel to select a player at random
  3. Press the second wheel to receive a random Truth question
  4. If the player chooses to answer the Truth question, let them do so
  5. If the player does not want to answer the Truth question, spin the third wheel to receive a Dare
  6. To continue, go back to step 2 and repeat until finished

You may prefer to choose the Truth or Dare player order in a different way, such as the previous player choosing who gets to go next. This can be done by simply spinning the first wheel on the opening turn to choose who starts the game, and then only using wheels 2 and 3 from then on.

Another option that you might wish to use is to remove questions (or even players) from each wheel following each turn. This can even be automated by changing the default 'Post-spin' wheel settings on each wheels' control panel.

Truth or Dare Questions

The range of Truth or Dare questions can start from pretty tame all the way to outrageous. The hundreds of questions for this Truth or Dare game are probably not too invasive or demanding, although that might depend on your point of view! It's a great idea to peek at what might be coming first.

This game can be used as a template for your own custom questions.

Truth Questions

Use the second wheel to spin and select Truth questions at random. Over 240 truth questions provided here are listed in the 'Edit' box. You can choose to add your own additional Truth questions if you wish. Questions can also be removed from the list if you prefer to leave some of them out of the possible selection list.

Dare Questions

More than 50 Dare questions (or rather, "commands") provided are shown on the third wheel. These have been provided as examples of what a typical Dare questions that you might expect when playing a game of Truth or Dare. 

Click to spin the wheel and a random Dare question will be selected. These are also fully editable, so you can add or remove dare questions as you see fit before playing the game. You can also choose to remove the Dare questions after each one has been asked once.

Enjoy playing the Truth or Dare game here on Spin the Wheel.

Truth or Dare Game