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When you need to decide on what to eat but can't quite reach agreement, spin this wheel to make the choice an easier one. Edit the selections so that you are happy with the meal choices first.

Where to eat: In the restaurant or take out? 央踝

We've added a second wheel if you are also wondering whether to go out to eat or perhaps stay in. So, spin one wheel or two depending on your situation.

If you are thinking of cooking the meal yourself as another alternative option, why not add it to the second wheel - Just open the 'Edit' tab and add something along the lines of 'Cook at home'.

Ways to use the wheel of what to eat 中

Let's say that you don't want to eat the same meal more than once within a given time period. If so, once one meal type has been chosen, simply remove it after your spin has ended. This can even be configured in the post-spin settings to be removed automatically if you so wish.

All spin results from your culinary choices are kept in the Results tab. If you want to keep these, always press the Save button before exiting.

Enjoy your meal, whatever it might be and wherever you eat it!

What to Eat?