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The Wheel Escape Game is easy to play.  You begin on the first wheel (Start) and finish at the last wheel (Final).

The game can be played by one or more players.  For two players or more, the winner is the person who finishes in the least number of wheel spins.

How to play Wheel Escape ☸️

  1. Spin the Start wheel and follow the instructions given in the result
  2. Follow the instructions given by each spin until you reach the final wheel
  3. Once a player has spun "ESCAPED!", then their game is complete
  4. Each player adds the numbers from each Results tab together to form their score
  5. The person with the lowest number of spins is the winner
In the case of a tie, the players with the same scores play another game until one player has the lowest score. To clear your scores and start again, refresh the page.

Score Guide

🤣 PATHETIC: 50 or more

😂 POOR: 34-49

✔️ OK: 24-33

🙌 GREAT: 8-23

🏆 AWESOME: 7 or less

Don't forget that Wheel Escape is game of random chance, so don't feel too bad if you get a big score.

Wheel Escape Game