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Spin the wheel with this pastels-themed random student selector tool 🌀 - A fun way to make a random choice!

🎨 Fun facts: Pastels have been used as an art medium for centuries and have a rich history. Pastels consist of pure pigment mixed with a minimal amount of binder, which is what makes them look vibrant and intense.

Here are a few facts about pastels:

Ancient Origins: Pastels can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where they were used for various artistic purposes, including tomb paintings. Egyptian pastels were made from crushed minerals and pigments.

Renaissance Revival: Pastels enjoyed a resurgence in popularity during the Renaissance in Europe. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rosalba Carriera used pastels for their delicate and luminous qualities.

Popularity in the 18th Century: Pastels became particularly fashionable in the 18th century among European aristocracy. Portraits created with pastels were highly sought after, and they captured the softness and subtlety of skin tones beautifully.

Versatile Medium: Pastels are a versatile medium that can be used for both drawing and painting. Artists can layer and blend pastels to achieve a wide range of effects, from fine details to broad strokes of colour.

Long-Lasting: Pastel artworks are known for their longevity and resistance to fading. When properly protected and framed, pastel paintings can maintain their vibrant colors for centuries.

Contemporary Use: Pastels continue to be a popular medium among artists today, and modern pastel manufacturers offer a wide variety of colours and formulations to suit different artistic styles and techniques.

Whether used in historical portraiture or contemporary landscapes, pastels remain a beloved medium in the world of art, cherished for their rich pigments and expressive capabilities.

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Random Student - Pastels