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Classroom name pickers - 50 themes!

A selection of 50 themed Generator wheels for random student names to decide which student to contact in the classroom.

All classroom name picker themes:

🐧 Antarctic

🎯 Archery

🌌 Aurora

🍁 Autumnal

💃 Ballroom

🏀 Basketball

🔵 Blue

🦘 Bouncy

🐝 Bumblebee

🎄 Christmas

🎪 Circus

🐠 Coral reef

🐪 Desert

🕺 Disco

🐰 Easter

🚜 Farm


🎆 Fireworks

⛳️ Golf

💚 Green

👻 Halloween

🌿 Jungle

🐨 Koala

🌙 Moon

🎨 Pastels

🍕 Pizza

🌏 Planet Earth

🍿 Popcorn

🎁 Raffle

🌈 Rainbow

🌧 Rainy

🔴 Red

🍽 Restaurant

🌀 Roulette

🏫 School

🌌 sci-fi

😴 Sleepy

⛄️ Snow

🏟 Sports field

🌼 Springtime

🌩 Stormy

☀️ Summertime

🌅 Sunrise

🌇 Sunset


🚂 Steam train

💦 Underwater

💝 Valentine

🎮 Video game

❄️ Winter


  1. Click on one of the spinner wheels listed below with the theme you want to use
  2. Use the ✏️ area to replace default entries with your students' names
  3. Click 'full screen' (in the top menu) to get the best effect on the big screen
  4. Click anywhere on the wheel to make it spin and decide which student is chosen for your activity
  5. The selected student can be optionally removed. All results are shown on the 'results' tab

There is a wheel for almost every occasion - You'll get a themed wheel of names for everyone!

That's not all, as you can also customise them to suit your own preferences. Do you want to keep what you've created? It's very simple — easy 'Save' Use the classroom name picker with your own class name and reuse it whenever you want.

💡 Time-saving tip

All the themes mentioned above are actually already integrated into the site. To see them, click on 'Design' (in the top menu) >' Apply theme' and select from the drop-down list. All your existing names are retained.

By enabling themes using this method, themes can be changed instantly instead of keeping multiple copies with the same name!

🎨 Design your own theme 🖌️

Feeling creative? Use the design tools by exploring the menus. Before you know it, you'll be able to create and save your own custom designs.

Using your own wheel makes for fun and excitement — and the randomness ensures a fair selection without prejudice. Use the theme that meets your needs!

Classroom name picker — 50 editable themes!