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Spin the wheel with this storm-themed random student selector tool 🌀 - This picker wheel is sure to blow you away!

🌩 Fun fact: "Thundersnow"is a rare event that occurs when thunderstorms form in cold conditions and produce snow instead of rain. Thundersnow combines the elements of a thunderstorm, including lightning and thunder, with heavy snowfall. What makes it particularly fascinating is the muffled sound of thunder during these storms. Because snow acts as an acoustic insulator, the thunder from thundersnow can sound quite different and much less loud than in typical thunderstorms, and it can be heard only within a two to three-mile radius of the lightning. Thundersnow is most common near large lakes or coastal regions and is often associated with strong, winter storms or blizzards.

This storm-themed chooser wheel is one of many themes, including rain and snow. You can find all 50 of them here.

Random Student - Stormy