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Spin the wheel with this rain-themed random student selector tool 🌀 - It's a fun way to choose and you won't even get wet!

🌧 Fun fact: No two raindrops are exactly the same in size or shape. Raindrops start as tiny water droplets condensing around microscopic particles in the atmosphere. As they continue to grow, they can take on various shapes, from spherical to oblong, depending on factors like air turbulence, temperature, and humidity.

While we often think of raindrops as perfectly round, in reality, they can be quite irregular in shape. Some raindrops are small and nearly spherical, while others can be larger and more elongated. These differences in size and shape are due to the complex physics of raindrop formation and the interactions between water molecules in the atmosphere.

So, the next time you're caught in a rain shower, you can marvel at the uniqueness of each raindrop falling from the sky!

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Random Student - Rainy