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Readymade Wheels

A selection of readymade wheel spinners for you to use is shown below. Explore each page or category to discover classroom technology (EdTech) that can help teachers and students alike with the learning process.. These educational wheel pages add fun and interactivity to any in-or-out-of-classroom setting. These are all included in addition to the Spin the Wheel home page.

Question Generators & Educational

World Quiz 🗺️

Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic 🧮

Phases of the Moon 🌙

Random French Sentences 🇫🇷

English: 'My job' Sentence Generator 🇬🇧

📁 Classroom Name Pickers (50 Instant Themes!) 🙋


Charades Idea Generator 🤫

Wheel Escape Game ☸️

Heads and Tails Game 😊 🐒

Magic 8 Ball 🎱

Twister Spinner ✋🦶

Dice Roller (2d6) 🎲🎲

20-sided die (1d20) 🐲

Rock, Paper, Scissors ✂️

📁 Roulette 🔄

Spin the Bottle 🍾

Truth or Dare Game 😳

Would You Rather Game 😱

Random Fun

Bitcoin Address Generator

Bucket List Ideas ☑️

Icebreaker Questions 🥶

Short Burst Writing (Story maker) ✍🏻

Raffle Generator 🤞

Random Animal 🦙

Random Country 🌏

Random Emoji 😵‍💫

Random Inspirational Quotes 🗣️

Random Object

Random Pizza 🍕

Random Disney Movie 💫

Random A-Z letter 🔤

Random Greek alphabet letter Ψ

Random Superhero 🦸

Random US State 🇺🇸

MLB Team Generator ⚾

NFL Team Generator 🏈

NBA Team Generator 🏀

NHL Team Generator 🏒

Zodiac Wheel ♌

Wheel of Colours 🌈


Bored Button 🔘

Wheel of Names

Heads or Tails Coin Toss 🪙 (2) 🪙🪙 (3)🪙🪙🪙

Yes or No ✅ ❌

Yes or No Tarot 🔮

Movie Roulette 🍿

What to Eat for Dinner 🍽️

Breakfast Decision Maker 🥐

Game Decider ♟️

📁 Event Sweepstake Generators 🎟️

📁 Lottery Numbers Generators 🤞

Draw Names from a Hat 🎩

Strong Password Generator 🔒

Random Number Generator Wheels

You can also use Themes (in the 'Design' menu) to give your wheel page an instant preconfigured look and feel.

Readymade Spinner Wheels